1. Irises

From the recording Irises

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released November 5, 2021
Jean Rohe, song, vox, guitar
Maeve Gilchrist, harp, additional vocals
Liam Robinson, piano, synth

Produced by Jean Rohe
Engineered by Michael Perez-Cisneros at Peter Karl Studios
Mixed by Todd Sickafoose at Eary Canal
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music


Jean Rohe

Oh, I stole away one Saturday, one cold October night
And I met you in the garden
Where the irises will bloom in purple, indigo and white
When the summer comes 'round
Now they're sleeping underground
As our parents slumber in their beds

And they changed the clocks that night so we would have another hour
For our whisperin and singin
And we held each other close among the dead October flowers
Till it got too cold
And we both went home
So our parents wouldn't know we'd gone

I have seen you as a child now, I've seen you as a man
I have seen you in our garden
I have made and broken promises I'll never understand
But you loved me true
I was cruel to you
Oh, I broke your heart, I broke it twice

And I loved you more than anyone that I have ever known
But I never wrote your love song
Now I come to you with melodies, but you've already flown
You're long, long gone

So here's a song to sing among the irises
When their purple flowers wake again in June
It's a little too late and troubled by time
But it's a love song I wrote for you